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About us
Production and the prices
We Sell
 sunflower (DAF)
 sunflower oil (FOB)
 flour (FOB)
 hemp (FCA)
 hemp cake (FCA Pervomaysky)
 hemp oil (FCA)
 sunflower oil (EXW)
 barley fodder (DAF)
 corn fodder (DAF)
 corn fodder (FOB)
 sunflower oil cake (FOB)
 wheat fodder (DAF)
 wheat fodder (FOB)
 barley fodder (Berdiansk)
 pea food (CPT)
 Sunflower Meal (DAF)
 sunflower meal (EXW)
 sunflower meal (FOB)
 clay (FOB)
We Buy
 sunflower oil (CPT)
 barley fodder (CPT)
 Sunflower (EXW)
 barley fodder (EXW)
 pea (CPT)
 pea food (EXW)
 wheat fodder (CPT)
 wheat fodder (EXW)
 Corn fodder (CPT)
 Corn fodder (EXW)
 triticale (CPT)
Contacts inforamtion


61068, Ukraine
Kharkov, street Fesenkovskaja, 12/14

Phone/fax 380 (57)-771-45-07,

Public phones:

771-45-11, 771-45-15

If you want to make an international call you need to dial
00 38 (057) 771-45-07 or + 38 057 771-45-07

You can send us e-mail: Company owner,


Мы поставляем только лучшее!

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