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About us
Production and the prices
We Sell
 sunflower (DAF)
 sunflower oil (FOB)
 flour (FOB)
 hemp (FCA)
 hemp cake (FCA Pervomaysky)
 hemp oil (FCA)
 sunflower oil (EXW)
 barley fodder (DAF)
 corn fodder (DAF)
 corn fodder (FOB)
 sunflower oil cake (FOB)
 wheat fodder (DAF)
 wheat fodder (FOB)
 barley fodder (Berdiansk)
 pea food (CPT)
 Sunflower Meal (DAF)
 sunflower meal (EXW)
 sunflower meal (FOB)
 clay (FOB)
We Buy
 sunflower oil (CPT)
 barley fodder (CPT)
 Sunflower (EXW)
 barley fodder (EXW)
 pea (CPT)
 pea food (EXW)
 wheat fodder (CPT)
 wheat fodder (EXW)
 Corn fodder (CPT)
 Corn fodder (EXW)
 triticale (CPT)
About the enterprise

Private Production Enterprise "Kvadro" successfully functions since 1996, it was registered in executive committee of the Kharkov City council of People's Deputies on January, 15th, 1996.
Founder of PPE "Kvadro" is the citizen of Ukraine - Grinko O.J.

The Basic PPE's activity is the purchase and processing of algricultural production, sale of sunflower oil, etc.

The Basic suppliers are:
the enterprises of the Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Kherson, Donetsk & other regions of
The basic clients are:
the enterprises of the Kharkov, Lvov, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk and other regions of Ukraine.

according to the Charter primary activity of PPE "Kvadro" is:

  • Wholesale trade in products of processing from production, realization of wholesale trade by the consumer goods and an industrial output;
  • The organization and realization of production and saling of manufactured goods;
  • Processing agricultural production;
  • Realization of trading-purchasing activity of agricultural production;
  • Rent (leasing) of movable and real estate;
  • Rendering of consulting and intermediary services at carrying out of intermediary operations, search of business partners and purchase and selling of the goods and raw material, production of products;
  • Realization of foreign trade activities;
Мы поставляем только лучшее!

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